The handling of your project will be in professional engineer’s hands: we can take care of your entire project. Our quotes range from capital equipment, contract options to all the necessary services, ranging from the initial analysis, project planning through to commissioning, up to training for and operation of equipment.

Advisory services
–  Technical Analysis of your project requirement
  Budget cost estimate of equipment for the scope of your project
–  Technical planning advice for installation
–  Survey and advice for energy volumes, volume flow rates, thermal energy and energy outputs, etc.

Project management
–  System costing and overall system concept
–  Complete management services or assistance to your industry contractors
–  Equipment production and supply to site

Planning, installation and construction
–  Implementation planning for system integration
–  Assembly and installation
–  Site management or contractor assistance

–  System checks and tests prior to full commissioning
–  Commissioning, familiarisation and training

Maintenance & repairs
–  Remote monitoring
–  Customer service
–  Service contracts
     –  Spare parts
    –  Repairs and Upgrades

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