Electricity Generation
Italy – Agricultural business          Download PDF

A business with an abundance of biomass waste, that was transported away from site. Working with our partner equipment suppliers a ZE ORC was put in with Biomass equipment to produce electricity to feed in to the grid. This turnkey solution also brings savings in transportation costs, as well as reducing their carbon footprint.

Germany – Biogas in Sustainable Energy Plant          Download PDF

A developmental project as part of a sustainable energy centre. The ZE ORC was installed to give additional efficiency using the exhaust heat from a biogas engine.

USA – Pyrolysis          Download PDF

A project for a defence contractor to harvest waste heat from the Pyrolysis process to produce electricity using ZE Group ORC technology.

Co-Generation / CHP           (Downloadable document coming soon)

Germany – Anaerobic Digestion (AD)

The installation of a ZE ORC onto the gas engine of an AD plant increases the overall electricity produced from the methane gas, and also provides heating to the AD plant to keep the waste heat temperature at an optimum level to generate the methane for the gas engine.

Tri-Generation Energy Centre        (Downloadable document coming soon)

France – Supermarket Converting waste2energy on site

The energy centre includes all the equipment required to convert materials,  that would normally have to be disposed of at a high cost per tonne, which are converted, to include wood, cardboard, paper and foods/flowers, to include any packaging) on site. This becomes a feedstock for a biomass boiler which generated the thermal energy in the waste heat it produces to operate an ORC electricity generator, heat for space heating/hot water heating, as well as heat to be converted to chilling/refrigeration.
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