Biomass Tri-generation systems
Rising energy and waste management costs, and business’ increasing demand for utilities, whilst trying to reduce environmental emissions, lead to increasing concern for the responsible handling of energy resources, and increasing the efficiency of business output and technical systems have an become an essential focus for all business’.
Environmentally safe, decentralised energy that can be produced at the point of need is one key to safeguarding our future.
Tri-generation energy solutions from ZE significantly add to your energy, cost and environmental efficiencies by the utilisation of your on site sustainable resources.
A business usually provides for all its energy needs by using utilities for power, gas and diesel – all of which are fossil fuel based.
We can replace a significant use of these by converting on site your waste into an energy resource feedstock to a biomass boiler, with suitable equipment to supply you at your point of need with:-
Clean power for electricity
Clean energy for
Heat – for hot water or space heating
Plus heat converted into chilling – for air
conditioning or refrigeration. We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information – please get in touch!
Elements of A ZE Waste2Energy Installation

Elements of A ZE Waste2Energy Installation