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Using heat to produce electricity

ZE has installed ORC electricity systems in a variety of different applications. Our work is both successful and innovative. For example, in contrast to hard to handle conventional steam fed systems typically seen in geothermal systems, we use an easy to control thermo oil loop to safely harvest the waste heat. We use a closed loop cooling system both to save water and to supply heat for heating (hot water or space heating) to provide equipment with more than 95% efficiency.  Two of several unique features providing you with measurable benefits.

ORC system – for what reason?

Employing an ORC system to take advantage of wasted or surplus heat is both a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of increasing the efficiency of primary equipment producing energy (such as biogas engines). Our innovative technology allows you to capture your waste heat from your processes, regardless of the way you produce it. This means that any process that produces large amounts of waste heat with a temperature and can be used to increase overall efficiency.

Your benefits as a user of a ZE ORC system

  • Low cost of equipment operation, service and maintenance giving you
  • Reliable conversion of waste heat to energy all year round
  • To produce your own independent energy
  • without the use of additional input materials or fuels
  • Reducing your utility needs and bills
  • Considerably increasing the overall efficiency of your business operations from
  • Optimised plant design for maximum net profits from
  • Consistent and calculable revenue thanks to high availability and stable operation
  • Electricity produced can be sold back to the public grid or used on-site
  • You may meet EEG (in Germany) for compliant waste-heat use

Benefits of ORC equipment from ZE

  • Highly efficient turbine
  • Particularly safe and environmentally friendly overall concept, without the use of environmentally harmful fluids
  • Kyoto/Montreal approved working fluid
  • Small and compact single lift equipment
  • Flexible and easy to integrate into existing plant
  • Available as an individual solution or as part of a modular solution
  • Able to be remotely monitored through secure web interface
  • Scalable energy outputs from 45kWel by combining several turbines for a modular system and phased maintenance
  • No feedback to heat source and therefore no effect on operation
  • Automatically tracks thermal availability

ZE  solutions as your ORC partner

  • Professional specialist staff for planning, production, installation and service
  • Flexibility in purchasing, operating or contracting solutions
  • Equipment can be installed under your own ownership, by way of a leasing arrangement or under an energy purchase agreement
  • The team has more than 30 years of experience in the combined heat-and-power technology segment
  • Complete system solutions comprising CHP, Tri-generation or Electricity only from a single supplied source

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