More than 30 years of experience in systems construction

Our team who have been developing, and building customized electricity generation, Co-generation/CHP and Tri-generation solutions have more than 30 years industry experience in designing, engineering and building electricity, heating and chilling systems for various market sectors. We can adapt our powerful and efficient knowledge to meet your individual needs.

Innovative power

We are also among the pioneers in the field of new
technologies, such as mid-temperature ORC (Organic
Rankine Cycle) systems. The team has been involved in innovating and
developing advanced techniques for the generation of
electric power from waste heat since the turn of the century. Today, we are
among the world leaders in a sector that has only relatively
recently emerged.

Independent, decentralised generation of electricity, and heating (Co-generation/CHP) from biogenic gases and the addition of chilling (Tri-generation) from biomass heat

ORC Power Generation, customized Electricity generation CHP Combined Heat and Power Tri-Generation