Sustainable utilisation of resources

Up to 50% of all energy used around the world is lost in the form of waste heat. An expensive waste that is also damaging to the climate when we consider that a major proportion of this energy is generated from fossil fuel resources – i.e. from valuable energy sources, the shortages of which are already creating problems today. Solutions that make it possible for you to recover the energy in your waste heat and utilise it for the generation of electric power make good sense in more ways than one:-

Reduction of CO2 emissions

Conservation of natural resources

Enhanced sustainability

Utilisation of waste heat potential

The clean energy generation solutions offered by ZE equipment enable the utilisation of waste heat for the sustainable generation of electricity. They can be employed anywhere where large amounts of otherwise wasted heat energy (thermal energy) is present. The rejected heat from the ORC can also be used to provide heat for hot water or heating, replacing utility electricity or gas, and it can also be used to provide chilling, replacing grid electricity – flexible solutions for numerous different fields of application. A renewable, effective, in terms of flexibility, cost and business efficient way of generating energy.